Stuck working on x-mas blues

Just found out this little tidbit last night, I can’t “complain” since I’m lucky to have a job at all and the owner/manager is going to be in the trenches with us on the 24th & 25th as well.  I’m just really going to miss xmas eve at my aunts house & the whole merry abide; on the other hand I won’t miss glowering at the kids over table manners and stressing over their behavior.  It’s just a bummer but it’s par for the course for 2009, pretty much every holiday was bullshit this year anyway, new years – worked, thanksgiving – everybody was sick & my cousin just died, my birthday – nothing, all the other holidays, well fuck em’ really.  2010 will hopefully be filled with both more reason to celebrate & the cash to actually do it.

For what it’s worth happy holidays everybody, a fun & safe one for you & your families.

Maybe Wookie life day will be a bit better this year.


One Response to “Stuck working on x-mas blues”

  1. apocalypsecakes Says:

    Fuck your job. Working on Christmas sucks. Here, have a cake.

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