Strategic Query: Who’s a better kisser, Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Yeah I know my Harrison Ford fixation has been somewhere between a running gag and a cry for help lately; but late last night while being kept from a well earned sleep from a knee injury caused by a greasy floor & a 50 pound tub of baby back ribs (don’t worry the ribs were fine) this quesstion popped into my head and is a bit more challenging than you would think.

Now overall in all of the Indiana Jones the esteemed doctor never seemed to be short on ladies, however, Han was a simple Correllian smuggler who ended up bagging an Alderanian princess.   I’m still doing the math on this so I won’t place my opinion on this until I have a few responses.  Usual rules apply, expanded universe stuff in this case reccomended.  So have at thee, Solo vs. Jones once again in the ring.


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