Working with Nicko Pt. 1; Rock and Roll Ribs

So far everything has been doing remarkably well at the new job, yesterday was our first day of the “soft open” which will let us get the kinks out before we really get hit and let me tell you it was still brutal.  Yesterday, without exaggeration I cut 150 pounds of french fries,took a cleaver to 3 bus tubs of smoked meat for the sloppy joes,  hand cut 7 batered 80 pounds of onion rings & another 70 pounds of baking potatos were prepped; not to mention the miscelanious smoking meat duties (thank goodness my better half isn’t turned off by the perpetual hickory smoke aroma that clings to me like a miasma of barbeques past) and a few dozen feats of strength demanded by the fact that i’m the biggest and tallest guy there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no problem with hard work (assuming I’m paid & I’m not stuck amongst a sea of schmucks) I’m just reporting the news; tonight is my first official night behind “the line” so it will be a new perspective, all I know is that I was so busy frantically doing prep yesterday that I barely stuck my head out of the back kitchen.  What is interesting is that Nicko Mcbrain is almost constantly around, he’s very hands on with his investment and also a legitimately warm and endearing guy.  It is a bit odd, I am a well known Iron Maiden fanboy and I’m now working for a member of my favorite band ever, but out of professionalism I have to leave my Maiden Geek tendencies at home.  That being said it’s still surreal to look up from the grill station on the line and see a legitimate “Rock God” refilling the toothpick containers.   I can also say that I have had a serious conversation with Nicko about proper maintanance of stainless steel sheeting.

What was interesting was that when I finally had a chance to stick my head out of the rabbit hole I see my buddy Gregg having lunch and a chat with Nicko!  Jolly good as it’s so rare that ANYTHING good ever happens to the guy.  Again Nicko is really amiable and gregarious guy who was happy to sign stuff and pose for pictures with customers. One shot I had to take however, was that I heard Nicko & Rick (Rick Baum, co-owner, executive chef, & manager of the restaurant who also is the guitar player for “McBrain Damage” Nicko’s band for shits & giggles when he is down here) talking about a lack of bass player for a benefit or something, so I ambled up and with a strained and measured casual tone mentioned that I used to play bass in a Maiden tribute band (strewth’) and would be willing to sit in for them.  Some good natured and mandatory ball busting followed but I’m still spending 2 hours practicing when I’m done with this just in case.  By the way I can also say with pride that the food at Rock and Roll Ribs is REALLY FUCKING GOOD!  I know that sounds cocky but there is a ton of work put into every entree on the menu and if you like barbeque this is the real thing.


2 Responses to “Working with Nicko Pt. 1; Rock and Roll Ribs”

  1. I don’t know you but I officially hate you now. What a cool job to have! I plan on making a pilgrimage to FL this year to visit the restaurant. I’d love to be there when Nicko was there. I met in in 1988 and got to play his drums. It was the highlight of my adolescence.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      Nicko really is a great guy, it is a mindfuck to see one of my childhood heroes taking out the trash & filling the toothpick dispenser. It’s like being santa claus’s neighbor. I can say as a professional chef that the food is top notch and amusingly Nicko is humorously particular about how we prepare the fries… in any case swing down & we’ll take great care of you.

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