A matter of no quarter combat Han Solo VS Deckert from Blade Runner

I in all honesty have yet to figure out this one for myself.  There seems to be no need for weaponry restrictions, Deckert’s high powered slugthrower seems every bit a match for Solo’s blaster, both men are very used to either avoiding or seeking out people in dense & treacherous urban environments.  Physical strenghth seems to be equivalant between the two as well as general intelligence.

In the interest of fairness the we’ll place them both in present day Thailand as that would even their odds, both men will be on their own (after all everybody knows that Chewbacca can take out Edward James Olmos any day) and this will not include any space ship battles.

So lets get going on this particularly tricky strategic exercise.


3 Responses to “A matter of no quarter combat Han Solo VS Deckert from Blade Runner”

  1. Hmmmm……good one.

    I think I’d go with Solo on this matchup.

    It’s basically a question of cops & robbers.

    Deckard is a police office really…good at reading ….well robots…not people.
    He’ll hunt you down….eventually if he can read your moves.

    But here’s the kicker…….Solo is EXCEEDINGLY well versed in eluding not one copper…but an entire imerial navy. Not only than….but he’s a tricky, unpredictable SOB.

    Either one will take a cheap shot and shoot you when your not looking, but I think Solo would slowly and patiently outfox the somewhat tired and haddard Deckard.

    I gotta think Solo is in better physical health as well.

    It’s a close call…..but I’m going with the Intergalatic pirate on this one.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      after much thought I’ve come to the same conclusion. Still it would be a close fight & I feel it could still go to either if one or the other makes even a minor misstep. but in the end I think Solo would prevail; especially if you take the “expanded universe” stories into the equasion

  2. How about Patrick Bateman vs. Batman?

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