Elvis Costello, possibly the coolest person ever; who isn’t in Iron Maiden or Mike Watt

I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I’m a really big Elvis Costello fan, he is one of the first people to inspire me to start singing (don’t hold it against him he doesn’t even know me) but he also is a fantastic singer songwriter.  Now that I’m done stating the obvious, let me talk about the guy & his fantastic show on Sundance Channel, Spectacle.  It’s no surprise that I like this show, it’s almost custom made for me, one of my favorite artists performing and interviewing other musicians, most of whom I am quite enamored of, all it needs is a fighting robot segment and I’d never leave the house.

The best thing about Elvis Costello’s Spectacle (you’re a grown man/woman/other so you can find it on teh intarweb yourself) is that it showcases not Elvis Costello “celebrity” but Declan Mc Manus (Elvis’ real name) “fan”.  You can tell that Elvis is a hugely respectful of these other artists, many of wich are his peers or personal friends, and the “class separation” between interviewer & guest is negated by his own famed status.  Let it also be said that the show really gives Mr. Costello a chance to play the hell out of (and show off) his guitar collection, not to mention frequent bizarre covers/duets/medleys of which I’m a sucker for under any circumstances, providing some of the best television musical performances since early Saturday Night Live; of which Elvis has that show’s greatest moment with his infamous “Radio Radio” performance.

This (and Venture Bros.) is one of the very, very few shows I would actually buy the DVDs of and that is really saying something since it’s hard enough for me to sit through most shows the first time; so let me once again reccomend checking it out.  It’s the interplay of a very relaxed living legend, interviewing the few other esteemed members of that club is where the charm lies; it gives you the feeling that they’d have a beer with you and let you sit in for a few songs…  They won’t, but they give you that feeling for a moment at least.


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