A Matter of Fisticuffs: Han Solo VS. Indiana Jones

Yet another vital and important question that the world needs an answer for: Indiana Jones versus Han Solo.  In the interest of fairness and to equalize the levels of technology between the two the factors the paramaters will be limited.

The Venue: I’d say the fairest location would be in your average sports bar circia 1986

Weaponry:  No firearms or whips/vibroblades only improvised melee devices from the bar/seating area (e.g. chairs, bottles etc.)

Judging: Obviously this wouldn’t be to the death, perish the thought, submission, K/O or points would decide the outcome.

Source material: All of the movies and “expanded universe” material from both mythos.

I have already come up with my own solution to this quandry but I do not want to undually influence your responses.  I will reveal the results of my own figures once I have some responses.


3 Responses to “A Matter of Fisticuffs: Han Solo VS. Indiana Jones”

  1. I’m pretty sure Indiana Jones is walking away the victor here.

    Solo ……although badass in his millenium falcon piraty pilotude….but he seems a bit too reliant on a blaster and getting the fuck outta dodge……while doctor jones will mix it up with a squad of nazi stormtroopers with his bare hands.

    I’m betting on doctor jones…and I don’t even think it would take very long

  2. I have to agree with this mysterious “Scott” character (probably a name Dom made up–who else would read this blog so religiously?) Anyway, Solo has the ball to go all in. But Indy can take a beating from a mechanic and walk away. Now if Solo is bringing HIS mechanic as backup..well, it isn’t wise to upset a wookie.

  3. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    I too agree wholeheartedly with Indy winning out, as far as Fisticuffs he has both more experience and more physical strength from all the digging around ruins. If it were a showdown at dodge quick draw sort of thing Solo definately would have taken it but in a manner of fisticuffs Indiana is safe money.

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