Transformers: Rise of teh Fallen: Not too bad actually

First let me say if I edited the movie there would be no humans, or dialog; only badass robot fightin’; this being said I actually had some dumb fun while watching this DVD with my family last night.

I freely admit there were some tumor inducingly dumb moments in the film, made evident by countless bloggers, Spike’s mom & the pot brownies, the gettho bots known as “the twins” and most annoyingly to me Bumblebee losing his voice again turning him essentially into a robot Lassie.  Also what’s up with the Autocockblock scene?  In this incarnation there are no female robots so would Bumblebee really give two greasy pistons about human monogamy?

This being said the film delivered all I ever really want in a Transformers movie…  Ok in any movie….  Ok even when I’m in the middle of a parent-teacher conference.  Badass robot fightin’!!!  Unlike many “critics” I had no problems telling which robot was fighting which and best of all Optimus Prime (who I’m still crestfallen that I haven’t grown up to be) kicked all sorts of robot ass.  It was like a robot MMA, with Optimus being so brutal I may or may not admit to have exclaimed a few adolescent words of encouragement during some of my favorite moments. I also like the fact that the humans were not helpless victims, instead they were tactically vital in the big battle scenes.

This movie is exactly what it proclaims to be, 2 hours of dumb, entertaining,  toy commercial nothing more or less.  I actually preferred it to the first movie and I even reccomend it if you’re looking for a couple of hours of big dumb fun.


2 Responses to “Transformers: Rise of teh Fallen: Not too bad actually”

  1. Wow……THAT is suprising.

    I get the whole big dumb robot fighting thing…..but this movie was god awful. It made Gi-joe look like Citizen Kane…..seriously

    I am a little shell-shocked by that review

    *does Little Rascals double take

    ANYWAY…..I do however HIGHLY recommend “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” as VASTLY superior to anything Pixar has put out recently (and I liked UP…sorta…well….actually Rataouille is the only one that doesn’t have some degree of suck). It’s SMART, wonderously animated story for kids & adults that doesn’t once…not ONCE insult the viewers intelligence and has not one cringe-worthy moment. It probably won’t make a dime

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    in my defense I expected it to be much much much worse than it was so in comparison to my book of revalations like imagination it wasn’t so bad.

    as for fantastic Mr Fox I desperately want to see it myself being a hardcore wes anderson fan

    remember i never said the movie was GOOD I just said it provided high quality robot fightin’

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