The vulture’ s melancholy

I’m glad that you were able to get past that horrificly pretentious title, but it is appropriate if you bear with me.  Last night I joined my mother and grandmother at my recently departed cousin Jimmy’s apartment to help clean it out.  It is an unpleasant task but necissary &  since my family down here is a very practical bunch in a great many ways we make use of all the remaining belongings of the deceased and donate what we don’t need to charity.  In our minds waste is both senseless and disrespectful to the deceased.  So accompanied by my oldest son charles we loaded up a few shopping carts of unmitigated trash and put it in the dumpster, we ourselves taking home a good amount of groceries, toiletries and books & today or tomorrow we’ll bring home the chest of drawers that will do much good for logan who had been making due with rapidly disintegrating plastic storage as well as whatever other small items we might find useful.

I’ve been through this before with my father, who’s landscaping equipment has helped me to both counterfit a clothespin & prepare my home for zombie attacks, and years earlier with my grandfather’s ephemera, but this time it was worse.  Since I picked up a bunch of appraisal tips from my Aunt Lucille, my mom was trying to have me find things of value to sell, sadly there was very little though I do intend to take pics for a craigslist/ebay ads.

So now my mother is desperately trying to find a way to pay for jim’s cremation and I can do nothing really to help since my family is struggling ourselves.


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