The new “The Prisoner” mini series, utter shit, don’t waste your time.

I desperately wanted this to be good or at the very least watchable, because I’m a rabid & obsessive fan of the original.   I even watched the entire mind numingly dull series and of sound mind and honest heart utter shit.  I had high hopes only because of sir Ian MacKellan; I am a huge fan of his and frankly I sat through the whole thing like a junkie waiting for a fix of that sweet sweet Gandolf, sadly they were handing out watered down methadone.  The only 2 scenes that were any fun at all were the cake with cherries bit & when he was messing with the “speaking cure” Bobsey Twins.  Every other actor/character was cardboard dull, the art direction, dull, the pacing painful.  I failed to get a friend into the original series and he couldn’t because of the slow pacing (never a problem of the original in my opinion but I digress) this one has all the excitement of an early Warhol film where he’d film a blank wall or some shit for ten hours.

After watching that sloppy pile of dog vomit that was the remake, I rewatched all 17 original “The Prisoner ” episodes on demand (the only good thing to come of this) and without a doubt it was vastly superior in every way.  Even the “Village” which was a real seaside resort that still stands to this day, was effectively creepy in a late 60’s luxury sort of way.  Let us not forget the late great Patrick McGoohan and the way he positively chewed up the scenery, & all the other actors really sold that strange damnable estate.  To this day the show has shown more sheer testicular fortitude than any pale imitation and showed some of the best writing ever produced for the small screen.

There are some who might think I’m being so hard on the remake because of my fondness for the original, in fact the opposite was true.  If the remake was not called “The Prisoner” I would almost assuredly have changed the channel in signifigantly less tha fifteen minuted and certainly would have been a better man for it.  In summation watch the original and avoid the remake at all costs.

Oh yeah, and the running gag about the wraps was just fucking retarded.


6 Responses to “The new “The Prisoner” mini series, utter shit, don’t waste your time.”

  1. TOTALLY agree!!!
    we watched the original when they ran it to get people interested in the new one and were intrigued and confused (but in a good way). The new one was just too weird and took itself waaaaaay too seriously. I missed a few minutes of one episode and was so completely lost I just quit watching. And BOOO that #6 finds out what the Village is. Boo!

  2. I do need to get around to watching the original series at some point. One of my friends has it on DVD. Probably I need to borrow it from him. 🙂

  3. >>>Oh yeah, and the running gag about the wraps was just fucking retarded.


  4. I think the casting director of the remake series was probably on the same stuff as the guy in the original series that was in the hospital singing to himself and watching little ball things bouncing up and down. The actor playing number 6 was so miscast it’s unreal, if the actor had been a bit more like Patrick with that edgy grumpy but piss taking flair this new series may have been watchable at least. from the start of the original his character and motives for wanting to leave drove the series, he rejected his work morally left to have a holiday then they kidnapped him and took all his life away basically he was really pissed off and hated em all for what they did and wanted to piss them off but in a funny way. In the new series it’s like he doesn’t really care either way about being there but is maybe curious about leaving at best. Sir Ian MacKellan did have the makings of a brilliant no.2 but look what he had to work with it was just never gonna work he had nothing or no-one to play banter off with. I think all the real fans should start a fund for an independant film maker to remake the series as it should have been done to thank Patrick for giving us such a class timeless tv show that is so clever in so many ways.

    RIP Patrick

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      i couldn’t agree more. Sir Ian McKellan was the only reason I even gave it a chance and they gave him nothing to work with. What I think they would have a better chance of “rebooting” would be Blake’s 7 but that is another whole big thing.

  5. Just wanted to apologies for spelling Sir Ian McKellans name wrong, typo I missed, sorry abouty that Mr McKellan. I have just given my eyes a good hard slap, anwesdfsa now iis am blinssasd.

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