Goodbye Jimmy, We’ll Miss You…& Logan’s Resulting Questions

Yesterday at 10:15am my Cousin Jimmy died after fighting a degenerative liver disease for several years, he was 63.  He was my mother’s cousin but my relationship with him was as a close and caring uncle, he was a huge influence on me as one of the 3 primary male role modles in my life and when I find the words I’ll type out the eulogy he deserves as he was a very interesting guy.   So now my Grandfather, Father & now Jim are dead; it’s weird how that specific part of my family is almost surgicially removed, but surprisingly this is going to turn into another post about my kids.

When I broke the news to Kira it was as expected, she cried for quite a while but was ok in the end; of course the same can be said for her reaction this morning when she found out we were out of milk.  Logan’s reaction to the bad news was (rolls dice) met with his typical inquisitiveness.  First he said, “Well, that’s just a pity isn’t it; what are they going to do with the body?”  I explained Jim’s wish to be cremated, to which a panoply of questions began.

“Well shouldn’t you start gathering firewood?”

“Do you have to use a crematorium? That seems like no fun.  Is he burning now?”

“Where is the body, I don’t know if your mom would want a mess in her living room?”

“Oh so the morgue is like a cross between a file cabinet and a refridgerator…  I wonder if we could rent out some space in one so we have more room for leftovers.”

“Yeah, & I guess driving to the morgue for dinner would be a pain; how much does cremation cost?”

“That’s a rip off!  You really shouldn’t be lazy,  I bet we could do it ourselves for only $20.00 dollors.  I can help you gather branches and start the fire.”

“Why do you need a liscence to do that, how hard could it be?”  (Logan has a fixation on liscences of any kind that also can turn quite easily to a 2 hour series of querys on that subject as well)

This line of questioning went on without exaggeration for 2 hours & I swear I’m not making any of this up.  I’m not one to believe in ghosts or spirits but Jimmy had a great sense of humor and I know if he was a fly on the wall he’d have found the conversation a riot & frankly I needed a good laugh after hearing the news that he had passed away.  Nothing like and endless parade of tactless questions about human decomposition to take one’s mind off of the acute awareness of human mortality.


2 Responses to “Goodbye Jimmy, We’ll Miss You…& Logan’s Resulting Questions”

  1. I’m really sorry about your cousin – so I hope he would understand that for most of the post I was laughing out loud at Logan’s reaction!
    It takes a kid to ask the really tough questions – I wish we didn’t lose that ability.

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Thank you for your condolences & I assure you Jimmy would have been the first to laugh; hell, I found out that he died 3 hours before I spoke to logan & I still found his questions funny. I left out the endless questions about the specifics of human decomposition though.

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