Rock and Roll Really needs Jobriath Right Now

Now I realize that most of you have never heard of Jobriath so here’s a youtube link go listen I’ll wait.

Pretty cool huh, there’s other stuff online but you can easily find it yourself.  Jobriath was the USA’s answer to Bowie, but he was more than a glam rock clone but really had a great range of original songs, he was also (not a shocker if you watched the clip) super maga openly gay so that ended up shooting him in the foot.  In recent years the closest he’s come to a comeback were both his influence & nod in the movie Velvet Goldmine.

But all that aside he’d really fit in right now with the cutting edge hipster crowd & frankly I think that his work would really take off if given a chance.  If you look at “The Killers”, “Sissor Sisters”, or “Franz Ferdinand” his stuff would fit in on a package tour & he would probably blow them out of the water.

Basically rock has gotten too bonehead, “Nickelback” hetero and needs a hot gay injection to make it relavant again.

Sadly Jobriath passed away from AIDS related illnesses years ago so even if he has a resurgance it won’t do him any good, but still he produced a ton of high quality sientificly dirty, unironic “rock & roll” and I don’t know if that’s even possible anymore.



One Response to “Rock and Roll Really needs Jobriath Right Now”

  1. ephemerist Says:

    You make a good point re: the potential of Jobriath’s success circa this decade, though I wonder if industry pressures being what they are would still stifle him and his sexuality, even when it is the music that is important. Anyway. Morrissey was the one that spearheaded the mini Jobriath revival a few years back and that is how I found him. I’m ever so glad I did.

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