Still Alive Still unemployed still hopeful…Up the Irons!

Just an update lummoxcateers.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I’m sure you all agree, that since I’ve 3 kids to feed my limited computer time should be dedicated to job hunting & that’s what I’ve been doing.   No luck so far but I did just send my resume in to a place located in Margate called Rock’n’Roll Ribs notable for 2 things; 1 they are hiring and 2 the place is owned by Nicko McBrain of Iron fucking Maiden!!!   Everybody knows I’m beyond hardcore when it comes to Maiden’ so acually working under Nicko would at the very least make me bring my “A” game.   Of course with my luck I’d end up spilling hot food all over Steve Harris and ending up being traumaticly fired by one of my heroes.  Then I’d cry.

All jokes aside I’ve met Nicko a few times & he’s a very nice guy but mostly I just need a job, however, the cool factor of working for a member of Iron Maiden would be a nice way to cash in some good karma.  In about an hour I’ll be hitting Sawgrass  Mills mall since Shu saw a couple of help wanted ads when she was Trick or treating with the kids.

In other news I made a really cool “Eddie” Jack o lantern & did logan up as Eddie for halloween as well; as soon as I can (probably February at the rate I’m going) I’ll post pics of both.

I’ve five more recipies to type up & I will as soon as I have a chance I’m sure you understand my priorities and wish me luck.



Update: I have an interview at Rock’n’Roll Ribs tomorrow; wish me luck Up the Irons!


3 Responses to “Still Alive Still unemployed still hopeful…Up the Irons!”

  1. Damn bad deal with the hot dog place – but sounds like the place was on its way out anyway – you probably delayed the imminent demise for some time. . . not that it’s any consolation!

    Great luck with the interview – hubby is a hardcore Maiden fan (took me to my first IM show last year) and has always talked about how business-savvy all the band members are, hopefully Nicko’s place does well, and takes you on (perhaps you should bring a photo of your kid in his costume???)
    I’ll have my fingers crossed!

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      Thanks I made it through the first interview and now am waiting for the second (and hopefully final) one. I really want this gig, besides the cool factor I think that it’s a restaurant that will stay open more than 3 months before crashing. The hot dog thing crashed & burnt in a really ugly way unfortunately: which for the record was not my fault!!! You can only do so much with a shitty location & a shittier economy. Can I also tell you having a job interview with one of your idols is one of the most awkward things ever.

      • Was Nicko there?

        Damn dude…you can’t swing a dead ferret without running into Nicko McBrain

        Too funny that they’re using the maiden lettering

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