General update & movie miscellania

I’m sitting here sorely typing on Charles’ laptop after spending yesterday afternoon shooting more of the film, so now my freshly shaved pate is covered with a fresh batch of bruises.  Only one scene left to go.

Still sadly unemployed & the accompanying crushing depression, I officially spent my first night awake worrying about bills.  I’m still looking but we all know how bad things are right now.

Even typing this out takes herculean effort.   I wish I could take advantage of the time for creative ventures but I’m just not feeling it.  It’s the usual catch 22; when you have to work a full time job you have all the ideas to do stuff & no time, when you have the time you’re too busy being depressed.

Well back to the want ads, wish me luck.

Oh, and Shu found a cool leather desk chair someone was throwing out so we added it to our sitatorum.  Place your bet on how long it lasts between the cats & kids since my home is one of the 1000 Chinese hells for furniture.

That’s right it’s a “Big Trouble in Little China” reference.  For some reason we saw it on VHS in school several times for some reason; I have a very clear memory of this for some reason…


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