dom’s Shortcut cornmeal crepes with sardines, hummos & tomatoes

This dish came from one of my crepe brunches first explored here:   and my family’s fondness for sardines.  It’s essentially a riff on Sicilian polenta with tonatto sauce, the hummus isn’t traditional but adds a wonderful depth of flavor.  Like any of my crepe dishes it’s really quite easy and if you dress it up you could charge $20 bucks a plate.   This would be a perfect addition to any tapas party.

For shortcut  corn crepes,


10 in this case CORN  tortillas (yes tortillas I swear this works great if you’ve more questions hit the link above)

1 cup of half & half

3 eggs

3 tablespoons or so grape seed or soy oil

This is simple as anything, briefly soak the tortillas in the throughly whisked mixture of eggs & half & half, then throw on a hot skillet throughly greased with any high smoke point oil (i prefer grape seed oil) on both sides. That’s it perfect crepes every time.   Now that we have the Crepes finished lets get to the filling.

3 cans of sardines (you can use the sardines in tomato if you are feeling a touch lazy)

8 ounces of tomato sauce (

or a can of stewed diced tomatos

1 container of prepared hummos or make your own from scratch, this time I admit that I used store bought hummus but Shu makes a great one I just haven’t gotten the recipie written down yet.

For the filling it’s very simple: first spread hummus liberally on the inside of cooked cornmeal tortilla crepes, breifly sautee the sardines (liquid in can as well) with the tomato sauce or diced tomato and spoon an equally liberal amount of the sardine mixture into the crepe and fold.  That’s it but it will pass for haute cuisine if you dress up the plate.  We all enjoyed the dish and we hope you all out there in interweb land enjoy it as well.   Now back to my online job hunt.


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