Unemployed, TV broken , just accidentally cut off top of fingertip

That is my life at the moment, the latest shithole I worked at just went under, yadda yadda you read the headline.  So I sit here awkwardly typing with my right index finger essentially held togther with Crazy Glue (bandaids are useless real men glue their deep lacerations and then pour salt in their eyes wile singing pirate shantys) kowing with dubious comfort that losing this job was not my fault whatsoever.

On the upside I created a fantastic dish today: a creamy carrot ragut with chicken & ginger that I’ll be typing out relatuvely soon of course my computer is still defunct so I’m still using my son’s laptop (thanks charles) whenever I can.  As for employment I’ll do what I did last time, make a job out of finding a job which entails filling out applications & sending out resumes at least 6 hours a day.

Wish me luck  lummoxcateers or better yet send me cash.


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