a crisis of imagingation

That seems to be the case right now.  Even my dreams as of late are either here at work or at restaurant depot or home. 

My daily routine starts at 5:30 am when I drive Charles to school, hustle back to get the kids to scdhool, If I’m lucky take a half hour to myself (assuming I have no special projects at work) then work till 7pmish and home, dinner and almost immediately after….exhausted sleep.

It’s the same sort of dead, exhausting routine that killed my dad.\Nothing to look forward to, no time to enjoy what I make (as if there is surplus over bills), just work, strained familial relations & unconciousness….  there has to be something more than this.

Even work has no satisfaction as the owner now demands dramatic success & income after I’ve been there less than a month during a season that has dropped better restaurants than us by far like like flies

It’s a crisis of imagination since I can’t seem to imagine other than this…. 

I’m probably just way overworked, even my few days off are pestered by calls & now we are about to stay open till 3am on friday & saturday…  More grief, I hope it’s worth it.   At least Shu & the kids are bieng taken care of.


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