the Ides of March

Had two telling moments in the past 2 days that have me more than a bit nervous about my job security.

Yesterday the fire inspector stopped by, as is his duty every 3 months in this county, & with a chuckle he handed me the paperwork that showed that we passed.  I asked him what was so funny & he told me he’d been doing the inspetions since the place opened and he had never seeen the same manager twice.

So apparently they have a tendency to go through managers (and all accompanying staff) every 3 months…  Interesting.

The second moment was when I was begging a nearby restaurant to make change (since like an ass I forgot to go to the bank this morning) and as they were obliging me I noticed their $5.99 lunch special (same price as ours) and foundmyself honestly thinking  “Oh man, that looks good.  I can’t wait till I can save up & try it.”

Jesus Harold Christ!  A 6 frickkin’ dollar lunch is something I have to FUCKING SAVE UP FOR!???!?!  What the fuck has happened to the economy?  I clearly remember in my early 20’s the 3 martini and an entree lunches at Brassiere Max (a much missed restaurant that was in a mall I worked in many years ago) that I had after ACTUALLY BUYING 3 OR 4 CD’S at the record store that I didn’t think twice about; but now a reasonably priced lunch special is something that I actually have to plan and save for.  

 Shit, I’m sick of this.


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