What makes a truely good hamburger or hotdog?

As I have stated before I’m now managing a failing hamburger/hot dog based restaurant that I was brought in to turn around.  Since this is my family’s livelyhood I’d really like some honest suggestions as to what raises such a simple thing to greatness.

Is it ingredients?

Is it reigonal eccentricity?

Is it toppings?

Is it the prize with the kids meal?

In all seriousness I’m trying to get into the zen of the perfect fast food hamburger and hotdog so your responses might well keep my family fed.


5 Responses to “What makes a truely good hamburger or hotdog?”

  1. When it comes to Hot Dogs…..VARIETY
    There a hot dog for every type of person…hot dogs have lots of personality

    Check this site out…..best variety of dogs I’ve ever seen

    Burgers…probably the meat quality
    Look at Whole foods “Cowboy burger” for inspiration
    Best burger I ever ate

  2. BTW ….where is this joint Ignatius?

  3. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Thanks Scott By the way I emailed you where we are; we’re just down the street from where you work check us out

  4. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    INterestingly enough the nearby Dogma just went out of buisness.

  5. I’m with Scott on the dog variety. Also, your burgers don’t have to be the biggest (altho it never hurts to have a stupid-big burger), but the beef must be the best quality you can afford, preferably ground yourself (or by a lackey) if you have the time.
    And buns – good buns from a reputable bakery that don’t turn into soggy, bloody shreds of cotton after a few bites.
    You didn’t ask, but if you’re serving burgers and dogs, perfect crisp fries are a must. I like Julia Child’s french fry method, which involves two dunks into the hot oil.
    I’m anxious to hear how things go!!!

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