Bachelor/Slob last chance indulgence, work update, meditation

I have the house to myself for several more hours, I’ve slept late (for me at least I’m used to getting up at 5), I am off work, & I know with utter certainty that I won’t have a day off, let alone a quiet on in the forseeable future because of my new manager job. 

So what am I up to?

I’m in my bathrobe, watching Iron Maiden concert videos at full volume while a large pot of what will be the mashed potatoes I’ll be using for  a turkey darkmeat “shepard’s pie” while pounding out a quick blog post on a borrowed laptop (thanks son), trying to assemble the necissary slack energies for the weeks to come.

I know I’m a real wildman these days, & I will do a bit of drawing & working on my food order for work but I need the rest and a rare indulgence.   The good thing is if I can keep up 60-70 hour weeks (without dying) for the next 3 months all our financial concerns (student loans notwithstanding) will finally be caught up….  

Assuming the restaurant….

The restaurant that I was brought in to attempt to save….

Is not another victim of economic ignominity….

Ironically this windfall does include me slinging weenies as I am now the general manager of a very small independent hamburger/hotdog/wings/fries fast food place that I have been given carte blance in.

It’s in South FL so any suggestions are appreciated.


3 Responses to “Bachelor/Slob last chance indulgence, work update, meditation”

  1. My suggestion is that you stalk around the restaurant like Gordon Ramsey, buttoning up your chef’s jacket and screaming “Donkey!” at your hapless employees while you completely re-vamp the menu to include local produce, at least one risotto dish, and something made with the ass end of a goat.

    Seriously – good luck with this – since the place is already failing, anything you do will be an improvement (unless you set it on fire).

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. We plan to keep it really good & really simple with occasional flights of fancy; usually confined to specials. Deep Fried pickle spears will be making an appearance in the next couple of weeks & we are finetuning our grilled chicken sandwich.

  3. ooooooh, deep fried pickles!!!! Can’t get those in AZ, but I had some in New Orleans – heaven!!!

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