Drawing My Living Room: Now Featuring the Area Just to the Right of My TV!!!

livingRoom4LowI’m sure that all of you were waiting with baited breath for the next glimpse of my palacial abode, so I keep you suffering no longer.  Ladies & Gentlemen I give you the area just to the Right of my TV (the first drawing).

This one (to refresh your memories on the rules I must use only the random crap my family leaves around as my medium as I draw around my apartment) was done in a nameless promotional giveaway, blue ink, ball point pen & some really cheap colored pencils. 

It’s funny the strong smell of cheap ball point pen ink reminded me of when I was in grade school taking notes, odd the olfactory associations that one’s mind makes. 

Also in case you are curious about the Imperial Guard helmet, it’s our vacuum cleaner cozy.  Shu made it by hot gluing some red cloth to an old and heat warped Imperial Guard helmet that we found when we moved.


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