Ringo Appreciation Day

Being Kingbiscuitpants I rarely throw around my royal powers due to my legendary modesty, however, I decree today Ringo Starr appreciation day.  Long considered the most expendible of  the Beatles he is a grossly underrated musician who really took his job seriously.

Gregg was over last night to watch the making of “Sergant Pepper’s lonely Heart’s Club Band” from that brilliant “Classic Albums” series, as he had never seen it & I had it on my DVR and Ringo had the most telling quotes in the episode.  The first of these was his statement on how the insane crowds (and the Pro Sound limitations of the 1960’s) was turning him into a poor musician.  Because he could neither hear himself, nor anyone else on the stage he didn’t bother with his classic fills since he knew the audience couldn’t hear over the screaming anyway.

Another classic bit of Ringo honesty is in his description of working with Paul & John on Seargent Pepper’s and how they would drive him nuts with challenges.   Ringo states that John played him an album that obviously had 2 drummers playing on it at once for him & asked him to get that feel; Ringo says “You know that has 2 drummers on it right?” and John replied “Don’t worry you’ll figure it out.”  He also stated that he learned to play congas on that album which was very much out of his comfort zone.  There is a photo that was so telling of his plight (that I wasted an hour looking for on the internet to no avail) of Ringo standing behind a set of congas and you really could read his mind, allow me to caption since the image was screaming this:

“I don’t know how to play congas, they expect me to play congas.  I’m very, very stoned, I don’t really know what’s going on, yet that surpasses my knowledge of playing congas.  Why do I let these guys talk me into these things?  I really should have smoked slightly less.  I miss my drumsticks…”

Several months ago I recieved a few tickets to see Ringo Star & his All Star Band;  unfortunately I couldn;t make it but Shu, Gregg, Pink & Joni went & had a fantastic time.  So give Ringo his proper respect today, remember the great drumming he did on John Lennon’s  “Plastic Ono Band” stuff & also appreciate how damn cool it is that his son Zack Starkey played on Adrian Smith’s great solo album “Silver & Gold” & now tours with “The Who”.


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