Paradigms of Badassery : Scott Morse’s “Dawn of the Gearheads”

This is something that I stumbled across last night in a stress induced manic fit of insomnia; this is one of the most inspiring, fun and most importantly “badass” things I’ve seen in ages. 

This piece is a perfect bit of  “off  the cuff”, “D.I.Y”, coolness I have ever seen.  The amazingly talented Scott Morse literally threw this piece together for fun and to free up his imagination.   In his description of how he did it he didn’t even use a pencil, to hell with pencils, they’re for the weak; he just hit the page with a “Tombow” brush pen (one of my favorite art supplies ever), and the story was equally improvised.  As if that wasn’t cool enough he put the entire thing on his blog for free for all to see & i enthusiastically recommend it and will provide the link shortly. 

So many times I’ve either put off a project indefinately because it was too ambitious, or was just too damn “precious” about the whole thing so nothing got done at all.  Since I’m trying to get over my self loathing perfectionism, this was just what the Dr. ordered; plus I’m always a sucker for the vintage “Frontline Combat” style action stuff.  Check it out & let me know what you think.


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