Ahhhh… Quiet…

Last night & right now the house is delightfully quiet, just Shu & I since all the kids are at a sleepover at a friend’s house. Oh god it’s delightful.

I’m sitting at the computer listening to Thelonius Monk, and I’m not hearing Kira torturing Charles, Charles blowing things up in Halo, Logan making obscene phone calls to whales (he has a horrible habit of making weird random high pitched noises it’s fucking annoying in ways not even previously invented) I’m just enjoying listening to jazz on a sunday morning (I’m off today so it’s even better) without having to shout every 10 minutes or so or get pestered by inummerable interruptions.

I think I’ll make a nice leisurely gravy today to use up by brimming stock bag, then add some chicken leg thigh quarters and braise them in it (love you pressure cooker) I haven’t figured out what vegetable to serve with it though, then later on get together with Gregg & Scott to quietly celebrate Scott’s birthday. Yeah, a nice peaceful day sounds about right.


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