Happy Bidet Kingbiscuitpants; Long May He Reign!!!

As you might have guessed folks today is my birthday. Right now I am typing this quickly in the gap between dropping off Charles at school (which I awoke painfully at 5 a.m. for) and waking up kira & logan & getting them to school, which is painful in it’s own right. Not too much has been going on here, other than my bad ankle swelling to the point that I might be able to claim it as a 4th dependent, and getting the kids ready for school etc.

I suppose there is a bit of the birthday blues going on for me since there is neither time nor money for me to treat myself (though for the record I made sure charles & logan’s birthday’s were cool) and the fact that I have to work a rather lengthy shift tonight.
Yesterday was pretty cool as Gregg stopped by and we hit a music store to stare with a mixture of lust and anger at instruments we can’t afford, kinda’ like being broke & impotent & at a strip club.

Also let me wish Scott an early happy birthday and many happy returns. Give me an email or a call and we’ll figure out when you, your brudder & I can get together.

Well it’s time to drag my sticky, bacteria laden children out of bed, later on today I hope to post a really easy & delicious pork shoulder recipie.


4 Responses to “Happy Bidet Kingbiscuitpants; Long May He Reign!!!”

  1. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Birthdates which occurred on your SELECTED date of August 25:
    1530 Ivan IV (the Terrible) 1st tsar of Russia (1533-84)
    1724 George Stubbs England, animal painter (House Frightened by Lion)
    1819 Allan Pinkerton founded Chicago detective agency
    1836 Bret Harte US, author (Outcasts of Poker Flat)
    1841 Theodor Kocher Swiss surgeon, thyroid specialist (Nobel 1909)
    1845 Ludwig II mad king of Bavaria (1864-86)
    19– Morgan Englund actor (Dylan Lewis-Guiding Light)
    1902 Stefan Wolpe Berlin Germany, composer (Zeus & Elidco)
    1905 Clara Bow silent movie actress (Wings, Down to the Sea in Ships)
    1906 William J Brennan Newark NJ, US supreme court justice (1957-90)
    1909 Michael Rennie actor (The Robe, Klatuu-Day the Earth Stood Still)
    1909 Ruby Keeler Halifax NS, dancer (Dames)
    1910 Pierre Musy Switzerland, 4-man bobsled (Olympic-gold-1936)
    1912 Erich Honecker Germany, East German political leader
    1913 Walt Kelly cartoonist, creator of “Pogo”
    1914 Alexei Haieff Blagovestchensk Siberia, composer (Princess Zondilda)
    1915 Walter Trampler Munich Germany, violist (Beaux Arts Trio)
    1916 Van Johnson Newport RI, actor (Brigadoon) always wore red socks
    1917 Don Defore Cedar Rapids Iowa, actor (George-Hazel, Ozzie & Harriet)
    1917 Mel Ferrer Elberon NJ, actor (Longest Day, Eaten Alive, 5th Floor)
    1918 Leonard Bernstein conductor/composer/pianist/egotist
    1918 Richard Greene Plymouth England, actor (Adv of Robin Hood)
    1919 George C Wallace (D-gov-Ala) pres candidate
    1921 Brian Moore Ireland, novelist (Catholics, Doctor’s Wife)
    1923 Monty Hall Winnipeg Canada, TV game show host (Let’s Make a Deal)
    1927 Althea Gibson 1st black tennis champion in a major event
    1930 Graham Javis Toronto Ontario, actor (Charlie-Mary Hartman)
    1930 Page Johnson WV, actress (Passages from Finnegan’s Wake)
    1930 Sean Connery actor (James Bond, Man Who Would Be King)
    1931 Regis Philbin host (Joey Bishop Show, Live with Regis & Kathie Lee)
    1933 Tom Skerritt Detroit Mich, actor (Ryan’s Four, Alien, Big Bad Mama)
    1934 Valery F Bykovsky USSR, cosmonaut (Vostok V Soyuz 22 31/39)
    1935 David Canary Elwood Ind, actor (Peyton Place, Candy-Bonanza)
    1940 Jos‚ Van Dam Brussels Belgium, bass-baritone (Fran‡ois d’Assisif)
    1942 Margaret Murdock US, small bore rifle (Olympic-silver-1976)
    1946 Rollie Fingers relief pitcher (Oakland Athletics)
    1947 Anne Archer LA Cal, actress (Too Scared to Scream, Fatal Attraction)
    1949 Gene Simmons Queens, NY, rocker (KISS-Beth)
    1949 John Savage Long Island NY, actor (Deer Hunter, Maria’s Lovers)
    1951 Rob Halford heavy metal rocker (Judas Priest-Got Another Thing)
    1954 Elvis Costello [Declan Patrick McManus], rocker (Allison)
    1954 John Savage Old Bethpage NY, actor (Jim Malloy-Gibbsville)
    1954 Martin Jourard keyboardist/vocalist (Motels-Only the Lonely)
    1956 Matt Aitken rocker (Stock Aitken & Waterman-Road Block)
    1962 Mazzi Rawd heavy metal rocker
    1962 Vivian Campbell heavy metal rocker (White Snake-Here I Go Again)
    1964 Blair Underwood Tacoma Wash, actor (Jonathan-LA Law)
    1970 Claudia Schiffer Rheinbach Germany, super model (Elle, Rolling Stone)

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Have I also Mentioned that I REEEEAAAALLLLLYYYYY don;t feel like going to work today, I leave in 10 minutes…

  3. How cool is it that Klaatu, James Bond AND Gene Simmons share your birthday???
    happy late one – hope you at least had cake. . . . 🙂

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      Don’t forget, Elvis Costello and Rob Halford. Cake was had in excess; in fact last night at the movie shoot they surprised me with cupcakes. thanks for the birthday wishes.

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