Julia Child, Black Flag, Iggy Pop, Omlette Party

As part of my ongoing emnity between my & my brain; when I woke up saturday morning I treated myself to a leisurely linger in bed. As I lingered languidly, leisurely & laconic (no more alitteration I promise) there was a marathon of Julia Child episodes on public television, & since I hadn;t seen it in years I was giving it a shot.

As I was enjoying the 3rd consecutive episode which happened to be dedicated to the humble omlette, “which should not take more than 20 seconds to make…” I was hypnotized by the almost slight of hand technique that produced them, but as the episode went on Julia began repeatedly mentioning “omlette parties” & their logistics. By the time she said “omlette party” for the upteenth time I suddenly imagined a very early “Black Flag” singing about omlettes to the tune of “TV Party”, one of their less impressive songs.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=117Ole9MO2w (watch it the post will be a lot funnier) Then of course Iggy jumps onto the stage starts ladleing egg batter all over hmself, leaps of the stage and things go downhill from there.

At one point, much to my own shame, I found myself briefly considering promoting a “Punk Rock Omlette Party!!!” at Area 7 where the “Opera Mash Up” used to be thinking that it wasn’t really a signifigantly more absurd concept. Then I remembered how much I hate doing dishes so I decided to focus on the posibilities of a “Power Metal” concept album about a viking squirrel… but first I have to finish shooting the movie.


3 Responses to “Julia Child, Black Flag, Iggy Pop, Omlette Party”

  1. HA! “Omelette party” at my house would mean all our guests and I huddled in the living room while my husband shouted out obscenities at the damn non-stick pan as he fails to properly flip the umpteenth omelette.
    can I just have scrambled eggs with my Black Flag?! IN fact, I think I heard Henry Rollins read a poem about scrambled eggs once, so I think that works better!
    BTW – as random as it sounds, your post appeared above the photo for “I can has cheezburger” in my blog surfer (see where you rank in my world – above pictures of cute pets!) and as I was reading “viking squirrel” my eyes were drawn down to the photo which was, unbelievably, of a cat in a viking helmet. What are the odds????

  2. Your brain is a scary…scary place.

  3. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    rather slim odds at that. god if you knew how very screwy the plot line I came up with for the viking squirrel you’d have me baker acted. My brain has a history of thinking stupid things, I was flipping channels last night before going to bed and came across a scene in an old Chuck Norris movie (The Octagon I think) where he was in a room full of square dancers and I prayed for a moment for a massive fight scene to break out…it didn’t.

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