Les Paul R.I.P.

The internet I’m sure is teeming now with Les Paul tributes but there is good reason for this; the guy unabashedly deserves them!
This guy was a one of a kind genius, not only was he a ridiculously brilliant inventor, but people forget that in his day he was “THE” BADASS SHREDDER DUDE of his time. It was as if you crossed Eddie Van Halen & Thomas Edison. Les was one of the original “self-made” men, a self taught musician, and electronics expert and massively ahead of his time in technology as well as music. But to quote Reeves Gabriels “Writing about music is like fishing about archetecture.” so here are a few clips that make my point. Les you will be missed.

A classic performance with Mary Ford

Showing off future technology he cobbled together

Explaining his method
Again I really love the music that the guy made which is the one thing I think is almost neglected in all the tributes check out the stuff he recorded it holds up to this day.


One Response to “Les Paul R.I.P.”

  1. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    eddie van halen during a les paul tribute, fantastic…

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