Kingbiscuitpant’s Movitone News

Hello all, Wednesday night I shot my first scene for “Orchestration of Disaster” and everything went swimmingly well. The chemestry was great with my foil & co-star Alina, who was also a pleasure to work with, as is everyone else involved in the production. I really can’t wait to see the footage, especially since my character doesn’t wear glasses so I spent 3 hours doing my scenes essentially blind. The irony that they had a blind actor playing a deaf character was not lost on my colleagues as they saw me stumble around whenever I heard “Cut”. Next week we’ll be doing some more location shots and the action sequences; which will almost certainly be followed by a blog detailing my aches & pains; Charles will also be in on the act as he will be in the big gang fight scene that doesn’t involve me but should be pretty cool.

In other news yesterday was Logan the inexplicable’s 11th birthday and Charles turns 18 this Sunday. I myself will be celebrating my continued avoidance of death’s steely hand on the 25th of this month, my age being a closely guarded state secret. I might try to take a page from my mother’s playbook and see how many years I can spend being 36, at the moment she has the record set at about 10 years during the mid eighties; if I try hard enough I just might beat it.

As far as the workfront goes, I’m still slinging booze on the retail front, I still like the job but it does feel like I’ve been there for years even though I recieved my first paycheck yesterday. One of the interesting things about the job is that I occasionally get to work with my old buddy Pink who I worked for close to 10 years with at another job years ago. When we are on the same schedule it reminds me of those delightfully Christ awkward “Laverne & Shirley” episodes that happened when they moved to California. That’s all for now my Lummoxcateers further bulletins as events warrant.


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