Wow, over 1000 views…

Obviously this post is 17 hits late but still numerically relavant.  I started in Februrary just posting my recipies (as per Scott’s reccomendation in fact he reccomended WordPress) and now 111 posts and 1017 hits later here I am.  When I saw 1000 on the ticker I thought as I always do “Who the hell is reading this?” 

So my dear & frankly beloved readers (I need attention) first let me thank you all so much for reading & commenting on my blog; it is very appreciated, and second…

Who the hell are you people?

If you have the chance, please post how you stumbled across my random little space on teh interweb.  I’m deadly curious .  Were you looking for recipies?–Shu’s pickled eggs is the most popular by the way.   Were you trying to find album reviews?–Shadows Collide With People took that one.  Were you crusing for Transformers erotic fanfiction?–“Oh Optimus, You’ve got the touch…”   My apologies by the way to songwriter Sam Bush.   I know many (and by that I mean about 3) of my readers are old friends of mine (thanks Scott) but what about the rest of you? 

Again thanks again for reading and I will be adding more and more, recipies too I’ve just been crazy busy with the costume & all, as well as the random linguistic effluvia that you have all come to know & love.




3 Responses to “Wow, over 1000 views…”

  1. SHWING!!! 1000 hits is not chicken feed when you consider you haven’t peppered your site with hit generators like ads and useless links. Great job! I aspire to also have a four-digit hit record one of these days. . . 🙂

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    thank you so much, by the way how did you find my blog anyway?

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