“Thanks for letting us play mister…”

Even though my last post was a requiem for Opera Mash Up, there was a last hurrah for us in Bunny’s big “Girls in Bands Noise Night” thingy.  It was definitely a good send off to my weekly assault on hipster eardrums; what else was fascinating was that for a change there were far more people in the audience than on the stage.  So one more time I cajoled & begged Gregg to show up Gregg finally relenting since in his words “The Internet porn will still be there tomorrow…” as the amusingly disorganized gig is both out of his comfort zone and similar to having his pockets filled with dog shit.  As a result of  My love of forcing my best friend to suffer,  as well as the sheer unanimously held opinion (of everyone there especially me) that when he isn’t involved in the performance it suffers dramaticly in musical quality and structure; he is a vital part of the gig regardless.

Since none of our usual drummers showed up the “percussionists” from a pretty cool psychedelic noise band that played before us called “Hear Hums” (there’s your plug guys if you read this & comment I’ll edit in your myspace or whatever) came onstage with Gregg, myself, Jesus Fish, some guy with a beard, Billy, and that evening’s long suffering opera singer.  What was disconcerting was as I was explaining what was about to happen to “Hear Hums” I was unironicly referred to repeatedly as “Sir” or “Mister”.  Let’s be honest here I’m neither the youngest, or youngest looking guy around I’m cool with that; I look at it as the price you pay to never write pissy emo poetry ever again, but when I do a gig it’s as close as my fat ass gets to any Peter Pan fantasies so that bubble was quite effectively popped.

In the defense the kids in “Hear Hums” represented themselves quite well and in conversation I found out that they were only about 4 months older than Charles (my soon to be 18 year old) so I found myself then thinking that they had wonderful manners and that their parents did a good job.  In departing I encouraged them to clean their rooms and made a couple of performance suggestions.  All in all it was an absolutely great time and I’ll miss that weekly gig very much.  At least we went out with a bang not a whimper.  The audience seemed transfixed (confused) and Bunny described the sound as some “tribal sacrificial ritual”…Cool.  In any case I sincerely thank all the musicians and audience members who came out and I’ll keep you all posted with my latest horrible ideas.


2 Responses to ““Thanks for letting us play mister…””

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      Glad you could get the humor, sheesh I feel like an old fart it seem s it was just yesterday that I was like your band. I sincerely wish you all the best ofg luck & keep me posted about your gigs, I’ll make the ones that don’t make my rhuematism act up….lol…

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