Costume update

Well so far so good I think.  After Shu & I invested an entire morning/afternoon we have brought the constume considerably closer to fruition.  So far we have gone from tangle of wire & stuff from the dollar store, to the Corky from “Life Goes On” version of the Iron Man armor, to it’s current state which looks like teh remains of a cyborg muppet that stepped on a land mine. 

Believe it or not these are all positive developments and all is going according to plan.  There is still quite a bit to do & I’m trying to hustle so that I don’t hold back the production, but still considering full time work, children, a total lack of funding for materials and an utterly comical lack of proper tools it’s going ok.   Really…   Good thing my director doesn’t read this.


2 Responses to “Costume update”

  1. I’m going to be bitterly disappointed if you don’t at least upload one photo. . .

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Oh I assure you I will, the reason that there hasn’t been a set of embarassing “in process” photos is the fact that I don’t own a digital camera. But Patrick McGoohan as my witness I will upload at least one embarassing mess of a photo.

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