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On being Italian…

Posted in rants on August 31, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

Last night at the pub, my friends Greg, Scott & I were having a pleasant evening eating british food and generally shooting the shit, when the subject of the gangster movies came up. Whilst discussing the comparitive merits of Goodfellas versus Godfather when Scott up and asked..

“Dom, you’re Italian; What’s up with the crazy Italian bullshit anyway?”

Now in our long-time friend shorthand that translates as;

“Why are there all these rather accurate stereotypes of ananacronistic, paternally centered (but a matriarchy behind the scenes), tradition obsessed tendencies that I have personally witnessed in a lifetime of observing your crazy Italian family, as well as the families of others? Much of these would seem more appropriate in a 19th century Sicillian village rather than Florida in the 21st century; How say you?”

I hemmed & hawwed and attempted to explain in when Gregg interjected:

“If I may… I believe that it can be summed up thusly. The Italian “bullshit” ,if you would, is composed of only 2 things; pride, in the biblical sense (ie to the point where it is a sin) and vendetta.”

I stood and thought a moment and I couldn’t really argue a bit of it, at most I could use more words that would amount to the same thing.

“But at least we eat really well…” I countered.

After that we wandered to an anthropological quey of the new subspecies of New jersey “Guido” (also commonly reffered to as douchebags) with their pursed lips in photo shoots, painted on tans, popped collars and Dragonball Z inspired hair and that’s where I denied any cultural responsibility to that genetic anomoly….


Ahhhh… Quiet…

Posted in rants on August 30, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

Last night & right now the house is delightfully quiet, just Shu & I since all the kids are at a sleepover at a friend’s house. Oh god it’s delightful.

I’m sitting at the computer listening to Thelonius Monk, and I’m not hearing Kira torturing Charles, Charles blowing things up in Halo, Logan making obscene phone calls to whales (he has a horrible habit of making weird random high pitched noises it’s fucking annoying in ways not even previously invented) I’m just enjoying listening to jazz on a sunday morning (I’m off today so it’s even better) without having to shout every 10 minutes or so or get pestered by inummerable interruptions.

I think I’ll make a nice leisurely gravy today to use up by brimming stock bag, then add some chicken leg thigh quarters and braise them in it (love you pressure cooker) I haven’t figured out what vegetable to serve with it though, then later on get together with Gregg & Scott to quietly celebrate Scott’s birthday. Yeah, a nice peaceful day sounds about right.

Really Uninteresting Pics From the Movie Shoot Last Night!

Posted in rants on August 27, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

Kevin the line producer sent me these so I thought I’d share, sadly I’m not in full costume yet in these pics but you can see a smudge of the “Sonic Gauntlet” on my right hand.
All jokes aside, thanks to Kevin for sending me these.




Another Marathon Day

Posted in rants on August 26, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

I’m psyching myself up for this one as I enjoy a nice bit of raisin bread toast & a glass of tomato juice.
Woke at 5 am got Charles to school,
just got the kids to school,
after my toast,
I can take a nap for an hour,
study my lines for the shoot tonight,
put finishing touches/gather together my costume,
fix my car window,
shave my head again (for movie continuity),
go to work 12 till 9:30pm,
movie shoot from 10pm till ????
pour myself into the car and drive home, likely in pain because we’re doing some action scenes tonight.
Wish me luck people.

Dom’s Bloody Mary Marinated Pork Shoulder

Posted in Food on August 25, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

This was a fortuitous and surprisingly easy & delicious dish that I threw together for dinner yesterday. We frequently get great deals for “buy one get one” pork shoulders, and while roasts & posoles are always tasty you can get tired of them so I’m always trying to think of something different. The day I knew that Shu was buying the pork shoulders I had noticed that at my job the Bloody Mary mix was on sale, so inspiration hit and we ended up with a succulent tender main course.
1 entire pork shoulder,
16 ounces of Bloody Mary mix (I used the “Bloody Bold” brand and really liked it),
3 ounces Mojo marinade,
1 tablespoon of salt,
2 tablespoons paprika,
1 tablespoon garlic powder,
1 tablespoon Badia complete,
1 teaspoon black pepper,
1 good squirt of mustard,
roughly half a cup of sugar.
To prepare first you have to remove the bone and thick skin layer from the shoulder; toss the bone in the freezer to save for soup later and set the skin aside. Once the skin is removed and bone taken out, roughly cut the pork into equally sized pieces for even cooking (I ended up with about 8) and place in a deep roasting pan, add all the ingredients except for the sugar & pork skin and mix throughly. The pork should be just covered in the Bloody Mary & spice mixture, then wet bot sides of the pork skin with the marinade/braising liquid and place skin side up, on top of the pork; arranging the skin to cover the mixture, and season the skin with salt, pepper paprika, garlic powder and finally a thick but even coat of sugar on top of it to help crisp up the skin. Cover with aluminum foil and put in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.
To cook set your oven to BAKE at 225 degrees Fahrenheit and place the pan (still covered with foil) on your middle oven rack, in the oven for 90 minutes. After the 90 minutes have passed you switch the oven to BROIL (very important) and cook for another 90 minutes at 250 degrees. We’re in the home stretch now; once that second 90 minutes is up raise the temp to 400 degrees and take the skin and put it in a shallow oven safe pan in your top rack of the oven, leaving the rest of the meat on the middle rack and BROIL for 10 more minutes to crisp up the skin; and there you have it, Bloody Mary Pork, it’s a far more tender and subtle flavor than you might expect and everybody (kids included) loved it.

Happy Bidet Kingbiscuitpants; Long May He Reign!!!

Posted in rants on August 24, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

As you might have guessed folks today is my birthday. Right now I am typing this quickly in the gap between dropping off Charles at school (which I awoke painfully at 5 a.m. for) and waking up kira & logan & getting them to school, which is painful in it’s own right. Not too much has been going on here, other than my bad ankle swelling to the point that I might be able to claim it as a 4th dependent, and getting the kids ready for school etc.

I suppose there is a bit of the birthday blues going on for me since there is neither time nor money for me to treat myself (though for the record I made sure charles & logan’s birthday’s were cool) and the fact that I have to work a rather lengthy shift tonight.
Yesterday was pretty cool as Gregg stopped by and we hit a music store to stare with a mixture of lust and anger at instruments we can’t afford, kinda’ like being broke & impotent & at a strip club.

Also let me wish Scott an early happy birthday and many happy returns. Give me an email or a call and we’ll figure out when you, your brudder & I can get together.

Well it’s time to drag my sticky, bacteria laden children out of bed, later on today I hope to post a really easy & delicious pork shoulder recipie.

13 movies I watch compulsively

Posted in rants on August 19, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

Last night Velvet Goldmine was on, so I watched it (mildly to Shu’s chagrin) for the upteenth billionth time, even though I own the movie, and the soundtrack. I realized that this movie isn’t alone there are a bunch of movies that are always the best thing on and you never get tired of… I freely admit some of these are guilty pleasures; especially with my reputation as super film snob, but honesty is the best policy. So in no particular order.

1. The Godfather. Maybe it’s a guy thing, maybe it’s an Italian thing, maybe it’s a pacino thing but whenever this is on I must watch it, it’s a great movie.

2. Velvet Goldmine. That’s what got me thinking of this I absolutely adore this movie. It’s a tribute to the whole “Glam” scene in the 70’s and really is about how music affects fans… Sure some people can;t get over the fact that through half the movie you have John Rhys Myers making out with Ewan MacGregor (I’m secure in my masculenity-and they are both pretty men at least) but what I really love is the fantastic soundtrack and great direction.

3. Dune, the David Lynch version that he hated. I have probably watched this movie a couple of hundred times. The movie was somewhat divergent from the book I admit but the art direction & performances were dead on. I first saw this when I was 11 years old and it delightfully warped my widdle brain, I just love this movie. By the way did you know that the soundtrack was written by the band Toto? Rocking.

4. The Blues Brothers. Possibly the greatest, most epic, comedy of all time. On second thought, definately the greatest most epic comedy of all time.

5. The Empire Strikes Back. This was an intense film about the characters more than anything else. Hands down my favorite of all the Star Wars movies, if it’s on I’m watching it; luckily I live in a pretty nerdy household so there is never dissention there.

6. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. This is the funniest movie no one ever saw, every line is quotable as well as the fact that ALL THE SIGNIFIGANT ROLES were played by the members of Canada’s greatest comedy troupe. There are more characters and subplots in this than in War & Peace and 5 Canadian guys handled them all convincingly, rent this!

7. The History of the World: Part 1. Mel Brooks at his finest. Each and every time I watch this movie I laugh my ass off, I’ll be walking down the street and will crack up just thinking about it.

8. Young Frankenstein. Mel has the only one-two punch on this list. I waffle between this and History of the World, but I think Young Frankenstein is the funniest movie ever made. I laugh my ass off every time.

9. Hedwig & the Angry Inch. Ok, so I like some fruity movies, this is a great musical and funny as hell. Stephen Trask wrote wonderful songs for this (most of which I know all the words to) and it’s a great original story of an angry transexual trying to get back at the rock star that stole his/her songs… Oh piss off, this is my sing along kareoke movie I don’t need your approval.

10. Killing Zoe. This is a really intense & crazy French “Heist-gone-wrong” movie. My buddy Dave (A.K.A. Fosty) turned me on to this one in the late 90’s. The photographic direction is great and it also has some great funny scenes.

11. Rocky. Let me emphasize, just the first Rocky movie, that’s it. My mom obsessively loves all the other ones (and oddly enough Dune & Empire Strikes Back as well which is odd since she’s really not into science fiction) while I thought they should of stopped after Rocky II but that’s another rant.

12. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai in the 5th Dimension. Piss off this was my favorite move when I was Logan’s age and it’s a big nostalga seizure for me. It’s a big fun, dopey 80’s movie & I’m still horribly disappointed that I didn’t become Bucaroo Banzai when I grew up.

13. Popeye the Movie. Yes I know, it was one of the biggest flops in cinematic history but this is another “I absolutely loved it as a kid” situation. In it’s defense it had great songs, fantastic casting, & best of all it did kind of capture that dirty, crusty sailor universe and the subtext under the original cartoons from the 20’s. Also, it had some of the greatest slapstick and pratfall work since Buster Keaton’s day.

So there goes another lucky 13. There are some honorable mentions but I wantend to keep it to movies exclusively, among these are Monty Python’s the Holy Grail, I actually got a bit burt out on that one but If it’s on there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll watch the whole thing, The 5 hour Hitchhiker’s guide is also up there but that’s a miniseries, same with reruns of “The Prisoner”. So what are your repeat viewing weaknesses? Remember they don’t necessicarily have to be favorites just movies you inexplicably can’t resist.