Doing well; I’ve just been crazy busy.

Hello loyal readers, (or “Lummoxkateers” as I affectionately call you) sorry I haven’t posted for a while (I can only imagine the spiritual losses you have all been suffering without my divine guidance) but I’ve been temporarily sidelined by a severe throat infection (courtesy of my sticky bacteria laden children) but luckily, thanks to livestock appropriate dosages of antibiotics, I’m mostly back to normal.    I also assure you that I have spent almost none of the time of my absence zonked out of my mind on cough syrup while playing with crudely fashioned paper dolls of my favorite Hollywood starlets.

In the good news front; I am now employed by a major wine & spirits chain as a booze peddler & so far am enjoying the job.  Let’s be honest it’s a pretty easy gig for me.   I wander around the store spouting various food & booze foppery at various disoriented alchoholics, then ring them up at the counter.  Definately actions within my comfort zone.

I am also desperately attempting to catch up on making the costume (and actually learning my lines) for the movie that I’d been cast in (which has already begun shooting) and still doing the weekly Opera Mash Up on Tuesdays,   (yesterday ended up being particularly interesting) which is, of my own free admission, the musical equivalent of performing a “Dirty Sanchez” but still enjoyable in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

Fear not fair friends, in the very near future I have more recipies, more ramblings & especially more arbitrary lists to contribute to the enlightenment of this silly little planet we live on.




2 Responses to “Doing well; I’ve just been crazy busy.”

  1. GREAT job for you – not only are you no longer getting heat stroke, but I’m sure there are some great perks. Plus you’re working, which is always good!
    I am really excited about being a “lummoxkateer,” however, I’ve always wanted to be in a gang! What are our colors???

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      The colours are red plaid, sparkly green, and black. Now I need to start stocking up on decoder rings.

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