Dom’s Pickled Eggs

My Mother gave me a couple of dozen eggs yesterday since she had an excess of them, so I decided to throw together a batch of one of my favorite snacks. This was actually my first stab at making pickled eggs so I tossed a quick glance at Shu’s recipe ( ) and flew off on my own. Shu tried the pickled eggs this morning & insisted that I add this to the blog.


12 shelled hard boiled eggs,

4 ounces of cider vinegar,

2 ounces rice vinegar,

2 ounces water,

1 tablespoon black pepper,

1 teaspoon, paprika,

1teaspoon salt,

2 tablespoons of soy sauce,

1 tablespoon garlic powder,

1 tablespoon onion powder,

1 flavoring packet from a package of Ramen soup ( we often use the noodles in homemade broth so we have these lying around, if you don’t have these lying around toss in a bullion cube or something similar)

a handful of fresh cilantro,

a teaspoon of rosemary,

1 tablespoon mustard,

1 small onion grated or diced,

a few shakes of powdered ginger.

As you can imagine this isn’t rocket science, take a jar and toss the eggs into it, add the liquids, herbs & spices (there should be just enough to cover the eggs, if not toss in a touch more vinegar & water), affix the lid tightly and give it a good shake. Keep the eggs in the refrigerator and they will keep for quite a while.


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