Shu’s Puerto Rican style Pork Stew & Mashed Plantains

This was a wonderful meal that Shu made early this week that was an utter delight. I asked her to jot it down today for the blog while she waited for her job interview for a chef position today.

Ingredients for Stew:

2 pounds of stew pork,

2 medium or 4 small chopped onion,

1 diced bell pepper,

a good splash of olive oil

1 teaspoon of ginger,

1 teaspoon of curry powder,

1 teaspoon of salt,

1 teaspoon of pepper,

2 tablespoons of diced garlic,

1 16 oz. can of diced tomatoes, drain liquid and save to add to the “broth” the plantains will cook in.

1 can white hominy,

a large handful of chopped fresh cilantro.

To prepare, sweat 2 onions and garlic in olive oil and brown the chunks of pork and add the dry seasonings; as soon as pork is just browned add just enough water to cover the meat, bringing it to a boil then reducing to a simmer for 1 hour. Once the hour has passed remove the pork & allow to cool, being sure to reserve the liquid for the plantain dish (more on that later).

In a separate sauce pan sweat the other 2 onions and bell pepper and another tablespoon of garlic and add the pork, cilantro, canned tomatoes & hominy and sautee for about 20 minutes or so.


Ingredients for Mashed Plantains;

3 green plantains,

3 carrots,

½ a cup of Mojo marinade,

1 teaspoon clove,

1 teaspoon curry,

1 teaspoon ginger,

1 teaspoon jalapeño powder,

1 teaspoon black pepper,

1 diced bell pepper,

the reserved cooking liquid from the pork and drainings from the chopped tomato.


Score the edges and blanch plantains; then peel & cube them. Cut your carrots diagonally (think Chinese stir fry) in the broth & boil until they are halfway cooked, then add the diced plantain, bell pepper & seasonings & simmer until the liquid is almost gone. Once it has reduced adequately all that is left is to mash & serve with the pork stew. There you have it Florida mofungo.


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