Torching Pooches at Heatstroke Junction

For those concerned, Shu & I have found employment & admittedly she’s more enthusiastic about it than I.  We now are running a hot dog/sausage stand in front of a hardware store.  The pay is reasonable, the customers so far have been astoundingly cool and enjoyable to deal with, the company is rather understanding and hell, it’s money and right now you can’t turn away a thing.  On the downside the hours are long, the driving seems endless, the work is hard and it’s really fucking hot.

I know I’m whining but throughout my life I have always hated heat, sunlight and driving.  Every day I seem to be playing a game called “Let’s see how much my balls sweat”.  While the details, rules & goals of the of said game are nebulous at best, I’m pretty sure I’m losing every time.  I’ve spent the past 5 years or so being super graveyard shift troglodyte and frankly enjoying the total avoidance of sunlight.  I swear without any exaggeration or humor, when I am walking down the street I choose my path by trying to spend as much time in the shade and generally avoiding light as possible; I really hope one of my friends posts a comment to legitimize this statement so people don’t think I’m just having a laugh. 

You see I know heat, (Delia I know you know heat too but I’m the tropics expert here –she is a loyal reader of mine who lives in the desert for those not in on that private joke check out her blog it’s cool ) my father was a landscaper and handyman for over 30 years so from the time I was 11 I was free labour.   I have spent countless, misery filled hours either painting houses or pushing a mower so I know heat; perhaps as a side effect of this I consider any temperature over 70 Faherenheight an abomination.  Okay I admit, I find most of creation an abomination, but still, I fucking hate hot weather.  But as I said it’s a job for now and it will help to feed us until I can find something better & I really do enjoy working with Shu.   So that’s what’s going on let’s wish each other luck & hope for the best.


2 Responses to “Torching Pooches at Heatstroke Junction”

  1. Reading this gave me a bad case of swamp-ass in sympathy for you guys – I mean, employment is huge, but you all have that nasty WET heat that us desert rats can’t even breathe in! To deal with that while standing in front of a mobile steam table is something I can’t even comprehend. My sweaty, salt-stained hat is off to you guys!

    and thanks for the holla!

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Thanks for the sympathy & wish me & shu luck. Today @ 10am I interview for a chef job near my home (less than 20 minutes away) with lots of room for advancement and shu might be getting a bartending job at the bar I do the opera mash up nights at (last night by the way was the coolest jam yet since a couple of my musician buddies from NYC were in town so between them & gregg & the usual nutters who show up there it was a crazy improv voltron but I digress) so I have some glimmer of hope of escaping the torments of being a tropical weenie slinger.

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