My Subconcious Manufactures Bad Movies

In my drowsy half awake morning I found myself having a frequent experience, I often dream that for some reason I’m watching various stupid movies that don’t really exist.  Even in my dreams my life is dull, I’m not in the movie, I’m not controlling the movie, I’m not even enjoying the movie; I’m just dreaming that I’m at home, in my chair, watching stupid shit.  Last night’s magnum opus was a Welsh remake of “The Blues Brothers” set in Wales & the band is playing 2 tone ska.   Still the same story, but the band featured members of “The Specials”, “the Toasters” and “Mighty Mighty Boss Tones”.  I remember myself in my own dream bitching that it actually could have worked but it ended up feeling like one of those “Irish” movies that are almost a genre to themselves and always have Colm Meany (think Star Trek DS9) in them (I think that was an act of parlament I’m not sure) and everything is dusky & grey.  So as I’m complaining that this re-make was essentially “Angela’s Ashes-The Quickening” I groggily awoke and began tio shuffle through my day.

Maybe that’s why I have no patience at all for bad movies and TV, & by no patience I mean crippling, exhausting neurosis; bad movies haunt my sleep.  That also might help to explain my insomnia, maybe I just can’t handle another night of really bad movies.  I almost think I ought to jot down the ideas for these stupid films since that is all that seems to ever get made but I don’t think I could stomach actually writing down a word of it.  I probably just need massive amounts of therapy.


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