Because the internet loves lists: My 13 Favorite Singers

I don’t know why I’ve been doing the list thing so much lately, probably because I’m freshly unemployed (more on that later) so now I’m obsessing on singers; these as always are in no particular order, much like my kitchen right now who’s cleaning I am busy procrastinating.

1. Freddy Mercury, duh.  What hasn’t been said about the late great Freddy Mercury.  I have always been a huge Queen fan, for the cumpulsory Youtube video I actually chose first is a duet with Monserrat Caballe from his “solo” album “Barcelona”.

2. Bruce Dickenson, as hardcore an Iron Maiden as I am super duh.  From his solo album Accident of Birth featuring Adrian Smith on guitar. And of course the infamous “Delilah” performance.

3. Elvis Costello.  God I love this guy, fantastic singer songwriter and inspiration.  I also think I love his stuff because I can effectively sing almost all of it.  this one I can’t sing, I massacared it last time I tried. Still some of my favorite of his songs are from his collaborations with Burt Baccarach.

4.John Frusciante.  He singlehandedly gave me the courage to get up and sing, now you know who to blame.  I’ve gone on & on in a bunch of posts about this guy so I’m moving on.

5. Johnette Napoliano of Concrete Blonde.  I love her.  I just absolutely adore the sound of her voice.  Hands down my favorite female vocalist, she is just so great.  Also the lyrics of this song are incredibly badass.’

6. Perry Farrel.  Jane’s Addiction & Iron Maiden are my 2 favorite bands, and Perry’s has a one of a kind voice.  His music is a huge inspiration, both with & without Jane’s Addiction. My favorite song actually.

7. Luciano Pavarotti, I’m a huge opera fan and an unintentional look alike but the big man could sing.

8. Aretha Franklin, my first exposure to her voice was probably in the Blues Brother’s movie, but there are much worse places to meet somebody.  She is a great singer, songwriter and arranger, just fantastic.  The first video I have is her bravura performance of Nessun Dorma so you can compare with Luciano.

9. Rodger Daltry.  Everybody knows I’m a rabid Who fan, both the band and the Doctor…  Cringe inducing jokes aside, that fantastic manly bellow sweeping over the top of his over the top cohorts, he is one of the great voices period.

10. Carl Anderson.  One of the few non traumatic incedences in my Catholic School upbringing was that every Easter season the teachers would “phone it in” and play us the movie Jesus Christ Supoerstar and his performance of Judas in it was mesmerizing.  I still think that Jesus Christ Superstar is by head & shoulders Andrew Lloyd Webbers best work.  “Heaven on their Minds” is my favorite of the entire musical, I’ve been working on that song for years and I’m still not ready to sing it live.

11. David Bowie.  This guy has done it all, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he counted to infinity twice.  Great singer, songwriter, actor and generally fascinating all around. Heroes, my personal favorite.  I think this is his most underrated song.

12.  Chris Cornell, from his early work with Soundgarden to Audioslave and his solo work he is a great, great voice.  When I’m writing a song I hear his voice in my head, then I go to sing it & it sounds like Tom Waits getting a prostate exam.  His solo album Euphoria Morning showcases his voice best of anything he’s done.  Preaching at the end of the world is my favorite of all his stuff, I’m a bit of a sucker for anything broadwayesque.

13.  Ritchie Havens.  I love the passion & delivery that this guy has.  That’s it.  He just has a voice that grabs you and make you think that anything he is singing is the most important thing ever at that moment. 

 So now that whole thing is done, so now the internet is one list the richer and now I’ll go clean my kitchen.


3 Responses to “Because the internet loves lists: My 13 Favorite Singers”

  1. I can’t really argue with any of these. But I’ll add a few more that are among my favorites and I’m sure you like. In no particular order:

    John Lennon. Time may have worn down the impact of Imagine, but listen to God or Jealous Guy and his voice can just about make you cry.

    Stevie Nicks. Fleetwood Mac fan or not, this girl can sing. No one does the raspy, sexy female singer thing like her.

    Prince. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger vocal range on a “pop” singer.

    Sammy Hagar. This is the voice of Van Halen for me. Just a great, pure rock vocalist.

    Cyndi Lauper. True Colors, come on. A unique voice that deserves more credit than it gets. She is so much more than an 80’s footnote.

    Adrian Smith. He falls into that same Sammy Hagar category of just having a really great pure rock voice. Neither does anything technically overly-impressive, but that isn’t what rock is about anyway.

    Annie Lennox. I realize I’m pretty stuck in the 80’s here, but that’s my frame of reference. Well-deserved Oscar winner for her LOTR song.

    Johnny Cash. One of the few country singers who has legitimate “street cred” among even those who hate country music.

    Dave Mustaine. Kind of an honorable mention here. Dave himself would say he’s a vocalist, not a singer. I wouldn’t disagree. But no metal singer delivers the anger, sarcasm, and cynicism as well as Dave.

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      I agree with all of these; great point with the john lennon, God & jealous guy. I almost put cyndi lauper in there as you know I’m an enoromous fan as well. Every body you reccomended is definately a great (and for the most part underrated) singer oh & by the way happy birthday gregg!

  2. Of course I love the Classics…and with that I must add my respect for Michael Jackson…no matter who may or may not care for the guy, he was one of the most talented performers and singers ever.
    Then since I tend to listen to almost EVERYTHING that is new, I definitely have to throw in my obsession with Disturbed as there isn’t anything they’ve created yet that I can’t listen to over and over. I can’t begin to make a list of all the musical talents I enjoy because it ranges from Alternative Rock to R & B and much, much more. : )

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