Real Posts Soon! Until then I present Paolo Angeli

I have a bunch of stuff I’m about to pound out I swear, including a cheesecake recipe that can open up forbidden inter-dimensional portals to the realms of the “Dread Old Ones” and a review of my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, but I figure that it’s father’s day and since I nearly had a heatstroke today helping my friends John & Joanne clear out their yard some before he has to get lung surgery I can goof off a bit. 

However, while I was busy puttering about on the Internet I stumbled across a video of this instrumental guitarist who is just great and very unusual.   His approach has more in common with Rube Goldberg (weird gadgety stuff & all) than Joe Satriani and he plays this guitar modified with extra strings, optimized for bow technique and weird foot pedal things.  However he does it, check it out, all I know is that he is from Sardinia and makes much better use of his spare time than I do.


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