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S.K. Toth Definately Something.

Posted in music on June 19, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

My friend Bunny turned me on to this guy’s work & music 5 or 6 years ago but he’s worth a mention.  He is a singer with an accurate 5 octave (that’s right 5 frickin’ octaves, hell, I don’t have the vocal range of a Mattell “Speak & Say”) he is an ambidextrous violinist & a dancer/percussionist.  S.K. Toth sings in a language he created for his style called “Solopera”, which is what it sounds like completely self accompanied operatic performances & was the subject of an oscar winning documentary.   He is also someone you might mistakenly write off as batshit crazy.   I personally see a fantasticly talented and fearless performer who I dare say is 100% original.  Appreciate or dismiss him I firmly encourage checking him out if nothing else it will be an experience so let me know what you think.

 Here is my favorite of his youtube clips (there are oodles of them online):

and this is his website: