Other than everything that’s not OK; everything is OK

Forgive the lack of posts,  Shu is fine but just got out of the hospital for appendicitis, and my 17 year old just wrecked his car, he’s OK (as well as all the rest of the kids who were in the car)   & luckily the other driver was at fault so I’ve been jumping through hoops  trying to get the insurance all sussed out & worst of all I had to take Logan (the 10 year old) to the store to buy new pants.  Those who know me know that taking Logan clothes shopping is the worst of the 3 for me.  Things will settle rather soon and I’ll be back to posting the random, food & bass obsessed rambling that you have come to rely upon for your very survival. 

Thanks Dom


2 Responses to “Other than everything that’s not OK; everything is OK”

  1. Believe it or not….I WAS starting to get worried.

    I actually read this.

    Hope everything gets sorted out.
    Stiff upper lip and all that. Wish Shu a speedy recovery

  2. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    thanks dude, things are settling & I intend to add some rambling missives post haste, possibly one today if the muse takes me. I have a cheesecake recipie, an update on the movie i’m going to be in & a rambling thing on an avant garde performer I intend to pound out soon I just need the energy.

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