Shu’s Paella

When cooking for a large family on a budget you have to stay creative in order to both meet bills & keep dinner interesting. This being said, when you hear of ingredients that include the somewhat cryptic phrase “20 ounces of frozen mixed seafood” one might be a touch apprehensive, but not to worry; the aforementioned item is a commonly available mix of scallops, squid, mussels and octopus which you can get in most markets that cater to the Latin American community. So if you enjoy the said cephalopods try the frozen mix it’s a good deal and tastes quite fresh, in fact I intend to try my hand a t a bouillabaisse using the same in the near future.


a few tablespoons of olive oil

1 minced onion

5 cloves of minced garlic

2 cups jasmine rice

4 cups water

20 ounces of frozen mixed seafood

1 ½ pounds mixed frozen vegetables

24 ounces canned diced tomatoes

1 whole chicken cut into parts or 3-4 pounds of chicken parts (depends on what is on sale)






paprika (heavy)


basil, all spices to taste but I recommend spicing heavily

1 diced Chorizo (optional)

Start by heating up the olive oil & sweat the onions & garlic (and Chorizo if you are using it), add the chicken and seasonings and sautee for around 5 minutes. Add the rice, tomatoes & water and stir vigorously until it gets to a rolling boil & reduce the heat to medium. When the chicken is just shy of being done add the fish & the vegetables and cook for 10 minutes adjusting seasonings if need be.


One Response to “Shu’s Paella”

  1. Yum, love paella!!! We make it on the grill sometimes – I think the hubby just likes to pretend he’s one of those cool Spanish guys cooking the paella over an open fire!!

    There’s a great store called The Spanish Table in Santa FE that has paella pans of every size, and propane cookers (they look just like your standard propane cooker, but the supports are much bigger) to fit the pans. My favorite is the pan that has to be about 4-feet in diameter. I can’t imagine trying to keep the heat even over that whole thing!

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