Iron Chef Nightmare

Weirdest dream ever, I dreampt that somehow I was on Iron Chefs and failed so horribly that I wasn’t even able to get out a single dish to the judges.  It started to go downhill when I couldn’t find a steamer tray and got horriffic from there.  It was a shockingly realistic slapstick nightmare of suicidally incompetent cooking on my part; if that had actually been on air I wouldn’t be able to get a job as a busboy.   Luckily it was just a crazy dream; lord knows if it happened to Steve Harris it would end up being the basis for the lyrics of the next big Iron Maiden single (their hit “Number of the Beast was based upon a nightmare that Steve had).    When I told the long suffering friend  Gregg the details of this latest glimpse into the malfunctionings of my psyche, he succinctly stated, “Well, you are a mess Dom, but you knew that.”  Actually I’m not sure if he said mess or train wreck exactly but you get the gist.


One Response to “Iron Chef Nightmare”

  1. Geez, that’s like the worst combination of the “not ready for the test” and “naked on stage starring in a completely unfamiliar play” nightmares! I wonder if Bobby Flay ever has dreams like that?

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