Pixar’s “Up”, Poignant, Pretty, Perfect

I had fairly high expectations when I went with my family to the matinee this morning, but this more than exceeded them.  I could talk about how great the art direction & visuals were, but really, anybody can make a film look great now, especially ones done in CG; but what really sold it to me was the subtlety and character development.   I’m a giant freakish golem of a human being, composed mmostly of scar tissue & pork products & this movie actually made me cry.  Yes cry, actual tears, from my eyes.   Wanna’ fight about it?  Didn’t think so…   It was literally that poignant and this set the tone for the film & the characters actions.  Besides making one shed manly tears, I also was in hysterical laughter because of this film, yes the movie literally made me laugh & made me cry.  I wholeheartedly recommend this movie to anybody with a pulse & some people without; this so far is Pixar’s masterpiece by leaps & bounds above their previous films and I might venture that this might have weasled it’s way into my top 25 movies ever, repeated viewings (which I look forward to) will tell the tale there.  See this movie in the theaters, I’m sure it’d be good at home as well but a darkened theater makes it easier to hide a tear rolling down your cheek.


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