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The Infamous “What’s it 7?”

Posted in Food on May 26, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

This is a drink I created many years ago when I was working 2 jobs (one of which luckily in a coffee shop) as well as being a full time musician. The origin of this beverage/dessert/abomination is the stuff of personal legend. Many eons ago when there was a stable American economy, MTV played “videos”, and I was actually thin; I was enjoying a few dozen, post-gig after, hours drinks at the inimitable “King’s Head Pub” in Plantation (which is still there to this day thank goodness) when my friend, the equally inimitable “Fosty” (a.k.a. David Foster, a.k.a. The Dread Pirate Roberts—Okay I was lying on the latter part there) noticed the sun rising and quipped “What’s it, 7?” To which I exclaimed a hearty “Oh shit!” and headed straight to work at my coffee shop job where I was due to clock in at 7:30 am.

In the particular state of mind/consciousness/exhaustion I was in when I arrived at work I realized that I needed to take desperate measures to survive the 14 hours of scheduled retail serfdom and thus my beverage of infamy was born. This drink of ill repute was also a surgically effective hangover cure and sleep replacement that I served under great secrecy to my closest intimates, the biggest fan of it being my former boss at my other job my friend Chris “Pink” Pincket who humbly commissioned me to produce a blender full of my sweet nepenthe to aid him and his better half in their upcoming move. So without further adieu, the sociopathic celebration of fat, sugar, caffeine and poor judgment I give you the “What’s it, 7?” By the way this makes a blender/bender full.


2 cups commercial “ice cream base” or vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt

7 shots of chilled espresso

2 shots of chocolate syrup

4 ounces of chocolate covered espresso beans (this is a must)

1 large chocolate chip cookie or 4 “Chips Ahoy Type”

½ a shot of hazelnut syrup

½ a shot of vanilla syrup

½ a shot of Irish crèam syrup

1 dash of caramel syrup

1 biscotti

5 ounces of Ice

To prepare crumble the items into the blender while repeatedly muttering to yourself, “Why does this god damned thing have to be so loud? They can put a man on the moon but they can’t make a silent damn blender…Bastards..” When the mixture is properly blended pour into a glass and enjoy what is at the very least a venial sin.