My Basses


These are my 4 working basses, frankly I’m posting this because I just felt like & I stumbled across this old image while cleaning up my desktop.  Left to right I have a 1992 Warwick  Corvette Pro line, next is a 1986 Steinberger Spirit that I painted green & added thumbrests to, third is a Carlo Robelli acoustic bass that i ripped the frets out of and strung with flatwounds & last but not least is my main bass a “Frankenstein” fretless that I built with a Fernandez body, a Warmoth neck, Seymour Duncan Pickups and a Badass bridge.  The 5 string isn’t pictured since it isn’t working at the moment & I didn’t own it at the time the picture was taken.


3 Responses to “My Basses”

  1. delianeal Says:

    I love the the Robelli – classic!! Back in the day (pink hair, unfortunate wardrobe choices, lots of o-ring bracelets) I had a beat-to-shit Gibson 4-string upon which I thought I would base (ha ha!) my musical career. I loved that thing, but hated practicing so I sold it to pay my electric bill when I realized that I’d never make it if “Freebird” was the only thing I knew how to play. . . .

    • kingbiscuitpants Says:

      Yeah I love that bass as well. After I attacked it and modifyed it it has a very “Stanley Clarke on Upright bass” sort of tone, not in technique but tone. It only cost me $200.00 and it sounded great, there were better sounding acoustics of all the ones I tried at the time the only 2 I thought sounded better was a $400.00 Fender & a $3000.00 Taylor/Klein. So I went with the one I could afford. I almost bought a great looking Dean acoustic for $400.00 last year at a Sam Ash annual sale but luckily for my walllet the salesman was an incompetent douchebag who made me storm out before dropping money on my card.

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