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My Basses

Posted in music, rants on May 22, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants


These are my 4 working basses, frankly I’m posting this because I just felt like & I stumbled across this old image while cleaning up my desktop.  Left to right I have a 1992 Warwick  Corvette Pro line, next is a 1986 Steinberger Spirit that I painted green & added thumbrests to, third is a Carlo Robelli acoustic bass that i ripped the frets out of and strung with flatwounds & last but not least is my main bass a “Frankenstein” fretless that I built with a Fernandez body, a Warmoth neck, Seymour Duncan Pickups and a Badass bridge.  The 5 string isn’t pictured since it isn’t working at the moment & I didn’t own it at the time the picture was taken.


Looking Forward to Getting my Pedal Board Up & Running Again

Posted in music on May 22, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

Since I’ve gotten involved in the “Opera MAsh-Up” project

 I have been feeling creatively rejuvinated & since it’s an experimental music thing I’m using it as an excuse to break out my pedal board.  Being a bass player, 95% of every gig I’ve ever played my rig has consisted mostly of an amp & a cable (compression & EQ notwithstanding) but I’ve amassed and experimented with a mess of mostly “hand me down” effects pedals that my buddy Gregg & I assembled a delightfully clunky pedalboard case thing for that has lived at his house for a few years.  Since he’s coming by today to tutor Logan he’s bringing it along.    Let’s just say I’m looking forward to my kids being the ones begging me to stop making that godawful noise for a change…  (insert mad scientist laughter).   I also am saving up to fix up my somewhat defunkt Kramer Striker 5 string bass which needs new pickups (if anybody has a WIDE spacing soapbar pickup that they are looking forward to unloading email me at Yeah, I know it’s begging but you never know who’s reading this so I might get lucky) and string it with a high C instead of the low B;  will probably end up ripping all the frets out as well since fretless is really my thing. This goofy new project has been just what I needed to help me shake off the crippling depression I’ve been dealing with I really hope it’s something Gregg & I can really get to explore for a while.