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Had a Blast at the Gig Last Night–Opera Mash-Up Nites

Posted in music on May 21, 2009 by kingbiscuitpants

After a several months of  involuntary absence from performing, I had the delight to play at an event organized by my friend Bunny called “Opera MAsh-Up Nites”, to explain I’ll just copy & paste it from the email I was sent being the lazy bastard that I am:

“9-10 Opera singer comes in and records straight vocals Billy (noise artist/musician) starts augmenting and distorting the recordings with the opera vocals and accompaniment (this is where I would need you to come in) I have a jazz drummer, Scratch plays violin/cello/guitar and she will do that with loop pedal to help out, (and if you come in you would do bass). Billy would tell you guys what areas he would want improv to be added to the tracks he had worked on during the night.Drummer, Scratch (and you if you are interested) woudl do a closing set (improv, doesnt have to be super clean).”  These were my marching orders so to speak.

I brought my good friend Gregg to play guitar for the show & it went shockingly well & we had a ball.  What is funny however, was that during the gig everybody was winging it like you wouldn’t believe, so when we finished to resounding praise & applause we found ourselves wondering if they were listening to the same show that we were.  All & all it was fun, original hipster goofyness and we’ll definately be doing it again next Wednesday the 27th of May at “Area 7” which is located on Powerline in-between the Commercial Blvd exit and Oakland Park exit. If you take Oakland west from I-95, the first traffic light will be “NW 9th Ave” (which is what Powerline turns into south of Commercial Blvd). Area 7 will be on left hand side. If you hit Commercial Blvd, you have gone too far & it will be starting 9pm, should any of my South Floridian readers be interested.  A representitive of “New Times” magazine was there & this is a link to her blog reporting her take on the gig 
Just thought I’d share a rare moment of bliss.