Dom’s Shockingly Cheap Lobster Chicken Ramen Soup

This was a home run I made from some of the leftovers from the Mother’s Day spread I made. We had a surf & turf as Shu requested (we had originally planned for goose but it was unfortunately unavailable; which really was a pity because I came up with a really cool recipe that I was dying to try-I plan on doing a version of it in duck soon so if it turns out to be a success I’ll be posting it here, but I digress) so we had 6 lobster tail shells that I saved with this dish in mind. The ingredients for the stock were all from cooking scraps that I ferret away in freezer bags & the chicken meat in the soup is courtesy of the bag of chicken trimmings that I similarly save when I am preparing food. For those who are interested in hearing me ramble incessantly about stock feel free to click here:


Ingredients For Broth Portion of Soup (courtesy mostly of copying and pasting from the aforementioned link)

Roughly 1 pound of crustacean shells (lobster of course being best but you can make essentially the same thing with shrimp or crayfish shells, depending of course upon what’s lying around)

1 or 2 nice sized “soup bones”, in this case I had a nice piece of lamb bone from a lamb leg we roasted a couple of months back that was sitting in the freezer waiting for it’s curtain call. Beef or pork would be just as fine, but the combination of both sorts of flavor are key to the taste of this dish.

5 carrots or equivalent

5 stalks of celery or equivalent

3 onions or equivalent

8 cloves of garlic

5 tablespoons olive oil

1 bottle lager beer

3 tablespoons salt or four of soy sauce (preferably soy for this dish)

2 tablespoons Mrs. Dash

2 tablespoons black pepper

a good dash of ginger

a good dash of turmeric (optional)

a dash of cumin

a dash of hot sauce of you r choice


whatever else you feel like throwing in.

Standard stock technique; I used my beloved pressure cooker and boiled the hell out it for an hour, figure 2 hours in a standard pot. Take the meat portion and place in the stock pot add the vegetables and spices, add the beer and water until all the bones or whatever are covered. Check and stir & season then when the time has come, strain out all the solids and you have a lovely stock, that if you did properly cost you effectively nothing.


Ingredients for the Rest of the soup: To the stock toss in the following

½ pound of chopped spinach (or any other green really)

2 diced onions

1 pound of diced chicken (you can even use leftover roast chicken just toss it in later)

1 package of Ramen noodles (do not even think of using the seasoning packet in this you will ruin it just use the noodles)

Once the chicken is cooked through you’re basically done, for best results toss in the noodles immediately before serving so they aren’t overcooked.  As an optinal  extra I like to slice up a fresh hot chili & add it to my bowl.


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