Holy Crap! New Star Trek Movie Actually Good!

I cannot tell you how surprised I was at this.  The only reason I even went to go see the film is that Shu was going with her whole Klingon “ship” in costume and everything (I also heard theat we were on the news) while I wasn’t in costume (they’re just way too uncomfortable for me under the best of circumstances let alone in temperatures above 90 degrees) I wanted to hang out with Shu, so I figured that I’d endure a bad movie since it was close to Mother’s Day.  From the first I heard about this movie going into production I was convinced it would be seizure inducingly bad, I thought “Bad concept, probably bad script, likely bad acting, bad everything” and I was wrong.  Now let’s be honest here, as soul crushingly bad as the past few Star Trek movies have been, when I heard it was about Spock & Kirk in their academy days it sounded like a setup for “slash” fiction; but they really pulled a rabbit out of their hat on this one and made it actually work.  The movie was well written, they plugged up as many plot holes as you can in a Sci-Fi film.  I wholeheartedly reccomend this movie and look forward to a possible sequel.


One Response to “Holy Crap! New Star Trek Movie Actually Good!”

  1. I’m glad to hear you liked it – as a comic book guy, you definitely have street cred in this area! I’m taking my mom sometime between weeding and planting corn this week – I’m excited!

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