Dom’s Olive Oil Mashed Potatoes

This is a kinda sorta version of the type of mashed potatoes that my grandma would make, it’s cheap & loving olive oil I really enjoy it.  I also borrowed a page from Shu’s Playbook & boiled & mashed onion (her addition) & celery (my addition) with the potatoes but I actually used some of the frozen onion scraps (trimmed of their inedible portions) & celery from my brimming stock bags but in the ingredients section I just mentioned regular values. I cooked it in my much beloved pressure cooker; to convert to a normal pot just double the time, of course boiling stuff is pretty easy so I’m sure that you’ll figure it out.


3  pounds potatoes, any kind, cut to even sized pieces (I like to leave the skins on but your kitchen your rules)

2 medium onions cut in half

4  stalks of celery (preferably the inner portion with the leaves)

soy sauce

Badia complete

Salt 2 tablespoons

4 tablespoons olive oil

soy sauce,

garlic powder to taste,

pepper to taste,

1 cup of milk,

1 tablespoon butter,

Pretty simple toss all the vegetables in your pressure cooker (or pot), add a couple of tablespoons of salt & a shake of soy, add just enough water to cover then bring to a boil.  Once the mix is boiling affix the lid of your cooker and boil at medium high for 25 minutes.  Drain the mixture add the olive oil, milk, butter & the rest of the spices and assault viciously with your trusty potato masher, the onion & celery will mash as easily as the potatoes and feel free to season or customize to your heart’s content.


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